Do you do destination elopements and intimate weddings?

ABSOLUTELY! We love to travel and would love to help you capture your special day at your dream destination. There are travel fees involved with this option but we'd love to discuss with you!

Can you provide an officiant?

Yes we can! Jordyn is legally ordained in the state of Ohio and can perform the wedding ceremony if you want your wedding to consist of the two of you, us as your photographers, and one or two close friends.

Is it only considered an elopement if we get married at a special destination?

An elopement can look like SO many things - sometimes it does include a breathtaking location, but it can also be the courthouse, your favorite park, or your living room! Your hometown can be just as magical as the glamourous photos you see on Pinterest.

When can we expect to get our photos?

Your full gallery will be ready for you within six weeks for your wedding date!